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3 Reasons To Consider Advertising On Youtube

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams
This post was written by James Pancamo.

If you’ve considered advertising on Youtube, now may be a great time. Here are three reasons to consider adding Youtube to your advertising strategy.

Views on Youtube are up

In the past several weeks of quarantine, the use of YouTube has surged 15.3% to new highs. This surge in usage even forced YouTube to reduce the quality of its videos from high to standard definition across the globe on March 24, 2020.

What people are watching

While 33% of people are looking at COVID-19 news updates, most people are flocking to YouTube for escapism and distraction.

• 48% are watching entertainment videos
• 48% are watching music-related content
• 33% are consuming comedy
• 31% are looking at videos about DIY
• 29% are feasting on cooking-related content

Youtube may be better prepared than other video platforms

Independent digital creators like the ones on Youtube are more well-equipped to produce content than major media companies.

While many major media companies are canceling production due to coronavirus, many popular YouTube channels consist of low-tech production, even a simple camera and internet connection.