AdWords’ most popular ad extensions (and how to use them!)

May 16, 2017

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Ad extensions have become a favorite marketing tool for helping ads stand out better on a crowded results page. But just how are the top brands using them to drive clicks?

Having recently launched our Ad Extension Monitoring Service, we decided to analyze 425 branded keywords from a variety of verticals to see which Google AdWords extensions appeared the most.

Examples of the branded keywords we monitored include: Aldo, Brooks Brothers, Overstock, Petco, and Snapfish. Here’s what we found using data from the start of 2017:

Yes, There Are That Many Ad Extensions!

You probably didn’t realize there were this many. In fact, AdWords offers a long list of available extensions, some controlled by the advertiser, and others selected by AdWords. We’ve grouped them into the six most popular above.

Ad extensions are growing in popularity among advertisers. In order to stay competitive, it is crucial for advertisers to use a SERP tracker to monitor which are most popular in your vertical.

What We Learned About Ad Extensions

  • Since we last analyzed the popularity of ad extensions, the overall usage of Adwords extensions is up. All extension categories are up across the board, with some more than doubling.
  • Not surprisingly, Sitelinks remain the most popular ad extension during the time period we analyzed. 40% of ads containing extensions included Sitelinks.
  • Callouts were the next most used extension, appearing in 35% of the ads seen. Callouts are descriptive text added to an ad to help people learn more about what an advertiser is offering.
  • The Review extension saw the biggest increase since we last looked at this data in 2016. In 2016, our SERP tracker saw 10% of ads containing the Review extension. This year, we are seeing it in almost 1/4 of ads. This speaks to the importance of reviews and ratings in consumer decisions.

How To Use AdWords Extensions

Ad extensions are a window into a competitor’s strategy and positioning. Ad extension monitoring using a SERP tracker like The Search Monitor shows marketers exactly how their competitors, partners, and industry leaders use this highly effective ad visibility tool. Monitoring also helps with marketing compliance issues, since advertisers can commit trademark or affiliate violations in the callout text sections.

With Ad Extension Monitoring, advertisers can generate reports by competitor to gain insights into the promotional offers contained in callouts and sitelinks, as well as the effectiveness, reach, and popularity of various ad extensions in a marketer’s vertical.

What to See Ad Extension Data For Competitors & Affiliates?

Want to see how competitors and affiliates use their ad extensions to generate clicks? Contact us with a few advertisers and we’ll show you how they advertise. Or request a demo below. Your AdWords campaigns will thank you.

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