How to use Big Data ad monitoring tools for affiliate recruitment

June 12, 2017

Affiliate Managers, Marketing Teams

In 2011, we began compiling a list of affiliates for our compliance monitoring clients. When we saw the impact on their affiliate recruitment business, we thought, “why not make it available to the entire industry?” So we did just that.

The Ultimate Affiliate Recruitment list is a downloadable list of over 30,000 profiles, across more than 50 affiliate networks, with ratings based on marketing tactics, marketing channels used, and merchant affiliations.

Before Big Data, affiliate managers had to manually screen affiliates and often blindly accept affiliates to their program with no knowledge of their previous behavior and then retroactively remove offending affiliates if they broke program rules. With Big Data, affiliate managers can proactively screen affiliates and gather information based on feedback from other affiliate managers.

Affiliate managers can use this list to identify new affiliates you want to recruit, screen applicants based on their tactics and threat levels, and compare suspicious activity against the list to validate if behaviors are isolated or recurring.

The Ultimate Affiliate Recruitment List includes:

  • More than 30,000 affiliates who advertise on search engines and/or use Twitter, across 50+ affiliate networks
  • List of merchants promoted by each affiliate
  • Affiliate IDs across multiple networks
  • URLs used
  • Threat ratings based on compliance with direct linking and trademark/brand bidding rules: low, medium, high, and extreme.
  • Links to detailed profiles

Let us show you how it works: Request a Demo

Contact us for more information on how the power of data can improve your affiliate recruitment program.

Why trust us for affiliate monitoring? Since 2008, The Search Monitor has helped affiliate managers, affiliate networks, and legal departments monitor their partner activity for compliance issues such as affiliate violations, URL hijacking/direct linking, restricted ranks/keywords, MAP compliance, and hotel price parity.

We also monitor trademarks, MAP compliance, online content such as landing pages/blogs/email, offers, hotel ads, and provide competitive insights including market share, ad rank/copy, PPC clicks/spend & Google Shopping.

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