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The Search Monitor Blog

The Search Monitor Nominated For “Best Use Of Data” Biddable Awards

Agencies, Marketing Teams

The shortlist for the 2018 UK Biddable Media Awards has been announced.

The Search Monitor is proud to be nominated in the Best Use of Data category for Performics’ work with Europcar.

How To Use Competitive Intelligence To Find New SEM Opportunities

Agencies, Marketing Teams

“I wonder how much [insert competitor] is spending on PPC?” Sound familiar? Every Paid Search Manager has heard this. And if you’re good at your job you’ve likely done some preliminary research to find out roughly how you stack up.

But how does knowing that you have a competitor with an enormous PPC budget really help you? Well, with precision data you can start to understand how and where that budget is being spent, and what opportunities your campaign has yet to target.

9 Tips to Improve Your Online Advertising in 2018

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams

Make it your goal in 2018 to improve your online advertising with these 9 tips:

1.Know which offers your competitors are running

Watch your offers to include the obvious and not so obvious. Keeping your PPC offers competitive and relevant is essential.  Armed with the right offer intelligence, it becomes easier to create compelling offers (that stand out from the competition), improve your clickthrough rates, and drive sales.

Overall, 73% of paid search ads have some form of offer in ad copy text, including shipping, deals, sales or something for free. However, only 18% of paid search ads utilize callout text, with just 14% using both ad copy and callouts for offer messaging. Callout extensions are an effective tool to make your ads bigger and to emphasize your offers, like free shipping or coupon codes, thus leaving you more room in your actual ad copy for your message.

Most Popular Google Adwords’ Extensions in 2017

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams, Retail

Ad extensions have become a favorite marketing tool for helping ads stand out better on a crowded results page. But just how are the top brands using them to drive clicks?

We analyzed 425 branded keywords from a variety of verticals to see which Google Adwords extensions appeared the most in 2017.

4 Ways To Find Hidden Revenue in Google Shopping

Marketing Teams, Uncategorized

Learn how you can optimize PLAs and see more revenue from Google Shopping.

Shopping ads are extremely popular among retailers, thus making them highly competitive.

The Search Monitor Releases A New User Interface

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams

The new release includes design and functionality enhancements to improve usability and shorten the time to insights.

ORLANDO, FL November 7, 2017

The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence and compliance monitoring, today announced the release of a new and improved user interface. The new design improves workflow, speed to insights and mobile device capability.  

Lori Weiman, CEO of The Search Monitor elaborated on the benefits.  “We combined user feedback with UI best practices to help customers quickly find competitive insights and remove brand or affiliate violations.”

The FTC is cracking down on social media influencers—what you need to know

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams

The FTC announced last month that social media Influencers must disclose when advertising a product or service.

Have you discussed what you can and can not legally say on social media?

The Search Monitor Adds Chinese Search Engines: Sogou and Haosou

Affiliate Managers, Marketing Teams

The new release expands paid ad monitoring to include additional Chinese search engines.

Increase CTR by monitoring competitive offers—SEM growth hack series

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams

Are you showcasing your offers in your paid search and shopping ads?

It is October — which means that the holiday buying frenzy is upon us. Advertisers will try to attract shoppers with enticing offers and promotions. To be competitive, you will need to stay up-to-date with the top offers in your category.

To give you a window into the kinds of things to consider, we segmented the top offers by category for September 24 through 30, 2017, using data from our company’s own software.

Use affiliates to improve PPC reach—SEM growth hack series

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams

use affiliates to improve ppc reach

Owning more paid search spots on search results can increase your clicks by 30-50 percent for each additional spot that you occupy. To get this type of monster click growth from paid search, tap on your affiliates, partners and resellers to make a paid search land grab. For example, if your CTR (click-through rate) alone is 2 percent, removing one competitor and replacing it with one affiliate with a CTR of 0.8 percent grows your additive CTR to 2.8 percent — a 40 percent gain!

In this month’s installment of her series on SEM growth hacks, Lori Weiman explains how advertisers can utilize their affiliates to dominate the SERPs and increase the bottom line.