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Brand Bidding Trend: Hotel Brands Will Adopt Price Parity Compliance

Agencies, Marketing Teams, Travel
bb-trend-5 The tip below comes from The Search Monitor's 8-part series on brand bidding published on Search Engine Land. To see how your brand can benefit from brand bidding, contact us for a demo.

Key Brand Bidding Trend: Hotel Brands Will Adopt Price Parity Compliance

A key brand protection issue we’ve seen on the rise recently is unique to hotel brands. Similar to manufacturers, they need to make sure their resellers, the online travel agencies (OTAs), are in compliance with their listed room rates. In particular, we’re seeing a rise in Search Monitor clients using our hotel price parity reports. These reports monitor the hotel listings module on Google, looking for price parity for the same property between resellers such as Expedia, Kayak and Travelocity. Usually, price parity is an accident or oversight, but because it can cost hotel brands to lose clicks to their OTAs or to lose money on an incorrect room rate, forward-thinking hotel brands will focus on controlling price parity in the future.

What This Means for Hotel Brands

Hotel price parity reporting provides much-needed visibility into Google’s new hotel listing module. Hotel advertisers can verify price parity for the same property across different sellers’ websites. Price parity is a requirement of many operator-OTA relationships but is often broken due the difficulties in monitoring thousands of constantly changing room rates. Hotel advertisers also use this data to identify opportunities to gain market share in hotel ads.

How To Take Advantage Of This Trend

If you are a hotel brand, let us show you how to implement Hotel Price ParityContact us, and we'll show you how price parity compliance can help you protect your brand, your profits, and gain market share. Then, learn more about our brand protection and affiliate monitoring services. [demobutton]

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