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Category: Telecom

Brand Protection & PPC Optimization: Best Practices

Part 3 of our Brand Protection series is here!

Brand Bidding - SearchEngineLand - The Search MonitorThe Search Monitor, in conjunction with SearchEngineLand, just released Part 3 of its eight-part series on brand protection.

Part 3 provides specific tips to search marketers for their brand protection campaigns. They are:

What geo-targeting reveals about ad monitoring

Geo-targeting ads is a no-brainer for search marketers. Of course it makes sense to tailor your ad copy, offer, and landing page for the user’s location.

But geo-targeting has another, often-overlooked application in the world of search marketing. It refers to how marketers use location when they monitor for ad compliance and competitive ad intelligence.

The Search Monitor grades telecom advertisers for search marketing visibility

The Search Monitor releases search marketing visibility scores for Telecom

Which telecom advertisers were the most visible to searchers during October?

We turned to our Search Marketing Visibility Score for the answer, and here’s what we found. We looked at the following high-spending sub-verticals in Telecom:

Which CRM Providers have the highest search marketing visibility?

Most business, at some time or another, search for information on a CRM system. We were interested: Which advertisers show up the most for these searches?

The easiest way to evaluate an advertiser’s search visibility—for any keyword—is to use the Search Marketing Visibility Score (SMVS) . The Search Monitor created the SMVS by combining its daily ad monitoring data for millions of keywords and thousands of companies with a weighting system indicating a company’s likelihood to receive a click given its competitors’ presence.

Oracle was a top spender among the Fortune 500 tech companies

Hey Big Spender!

According to recent PPC spend data from our Lighthouse database of ad spend and clicks, Oracle was a top-spender among the Fortune 500 tech companies during August 2015.

After Oracle, Microsoft was the next closest spender, pouring around $1MM into Adwords during August 2015. In fact, after Oracle, there seemed to be two clear tiers in the eight Fortune 500 tech companies we monitored:

The Search Monitor’s New Release: Ad Extension Monitoring for AdWords Paid Search Ads


Ad extension monitoring shows marketers exactly how their competitors, partners, and industry leaders use Google’s highly effective ad extensions.

ORLANDO, FL – The Search Monitor, the leader in precision ad intelligence for marketers and affiliate managers, today released ad extension monitoring for Google Adwords’ paid search ads.

Seasonality and CTRs: What’s the connection?

How does seasonality impact clickthrough rates (CTRs)?

The chart below shows CTR benchmarks for five key PPC verticals—Retail, Finance, Travel, Auto, and Telecom—during the past four quarters, and for two important benchmark groups:

  • The Search Monitor’s top-tier advertisers (the group of 10 advertisers who received the most clicks during the quarter)
  • The Search Monitor’s middle-tier advertisers (the group of 10 advertisers whose click volumes represented the middle of the click volume witnessed during the quarter)

How do these trends compare with your clickthrough rate data?

The rise and fall of cost-per-clicks (CPCs) in the last 12 months

How does seasonality impact your cost per clicks (CPC)?  The chart below shows CPC trends for five key PPC verticals—Retail, Finance, Travel, Auto, and Telecom—over the past 4 quarters.

The Search Monitor platform allows search marketers to customize the most representative performance benchmark for their business. For these charts, however, we calculated two of the most helpful ones:

Clickthrough rate (CTR) benchmarks: How do you compare?

While you might think you’re generating the right amount of clicks from your paid ads, how can you be certain without comparing your CTR against industry benchmarks?

The chart below shows CTR benchmarks for five key PPC verticals: Retail, Finance, Travel, Auto, and Telecom. We also included benchmarks for both top-tier and middle-tier advertisers.

Clicks By Rank: Can clicks actually increase in lower ranks?

Yes, it’s an intriguing concept to digest. Can your click volumes actually increase if your ad runs in a lower rank?

The Search Monitor assembled the Click by Rank chart below to see if this happens, and if it changes by industry. The chart shows the data for five key PPC verticals: Retail, Finance, Travel, Auto, and Telecom.

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