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Cyber Monday SERP Share Results—We LOVE Data™

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams, Retail
Did you survive Cyber Monday? Since Cyber Monday now stretches for at least a week, we looked at how three big retailers fared when it comes to SERP Share over the past week compared to Cyber Monday in 2018. We looked at the keyword “Cyber Monday Deals” across Google & Bing for the week leading up to Cyber Monday both years.

We LOVE Data™ is a research series published by The Search Monitor to provide industry insights for online advertising activity on search engines and other online marketing channels.

Let’s look at who won the battle for SERP share between Walmart, Target & BestBuy.

We also broke down the SERP share and Rank for each advertiser in 2019. This data is really interesting to us. Here’s why:
  • It shows the diverse strategies of different advertisers.
    • Best Buy focused their efforts on all three categories—organic, paid and PLA. This landed them in the top visibility spot in 2019.
    • Target put all of their emphasis on paid search
    • Walmart had the same organic share as Best Buy, but fell behind on Paid and PLA.
  • The data shows the importance of PLA visibility for this category
    • Best Buy had the highest organic share and the second highest paid share. However, having the highest PLA share boosted their overall visibility.
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