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Fantasy Football SERP Share & Visibility Score™—We LOVE Data™

Agencies, Marketing Teams, We LOVE Data™
Football season is in full swing. How’s your Fantasy Football team doing? With the excitement around the start of the season and fantasy football, we decided to pull some data for our latest installment of We LOVE Data™. 

We LOVE Data™ is a research series published by The Search Monitor to provide industry insights for online advertising activity on search engines and other online marketing channels.

Let’s look at who won the battle for SERP share for fantasy football.  The following chart shows the listing real-estate across the entire search landscape:

fantasy foodball serp share

This data is really interesting to us. Here’s why:

  • Fanduel spends on TV advertising but is falling short on search. We think that Fanduel is missing out on paid search traffic - what do you think? 
  • Notice that while Yahoo Sports and had a lower organic share than ESPN, their strong paid presence pushed up their overall VisibilityScore™  which is why they have emerged as  the top players.
  • There was a dramatic drop in overall visibility for the advertisers that had little to no paid presence. Notice that CBS had the second highest overall organic share, but only scored 24 for overall VisibilityScore™ due to a lack of paid presence. 
  • Exciting updates for the fantasy sports industry that should provide more business for everyone in the space:  In August 2019, Google lifted its ban on fantasy sports ads. It’s exciting to see that the NFL and Yahoo Sports  were on top of the change, taking advantage of the opportunity. 
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