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Dashboard, Reports & Alerts

What can I customize in my charts and reports?

Without customization, you’re left with spreadsheets of ad monitoring data that doesn’t apply to your business or advertising goals.

The Search Monitor’s platform stands out from other ad monitoring providers by allowing incredible customization of your monitoring data. For the reports, charts, and automatic emails, you can customize items such as:

  • Keywords
  • Advertisers
  • Metrics
  • Geographies (ZIP, city, state, region, country)
  • Engines
  • Languages
  • Date range

For compliance data in particular, you can customize metrics such as:

  • Trademark Details, such as the ad copy, advertisers, times seen, and duration
  • Affiliate Details, such as their ID, networks, and other merchants

For both sets of data, you can also customize the export format. It can be exported raw, in chart form, in tables, via an optional API, via email, and even as a URL with screengrabs that are easily forwarded. See list of syncing options.

Want to see customized ad monitoring data first-hand?

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What types of automatic alerts can I set up?

Automatic alerts are your friend! There are many situations where you want to be automatically notified of compliance issues or advertising insights. Here are a few common ones used by The Search Monitor’s clients, along with the data they could be programmed to report:

Brand Bidding & TM in Ad Copy

You can be automatically alerted to competitors or partners bidding on your keywords or using your trademarks in their ad copy.

URL Hijacking

You can get automatic reports whenever an affiliate is displaying your branded URL in PPC but running their clicks through their Affiliate ID.

Affiliate Violations

You will receive an email at your specified time with full detail on the affiliate violation, including:

  • Violation type
  • Violation date
  • Screengrab with timestamp. Screengrab is a hosted URL so you can easily forward
  • Affiliate’s profile, including: their ID, network, number of violations, and other merchants they advertise for

Market Share

You can get alerted to major market share changes for SEM and Organic, for any advertiser or keyword.

Example: Learn that your competitor’s SEM market share increased by more than 50% in the last 7 days


You can see average cost-per-clicks for any advertiser or averaged across a keyword group or industry.

Example: Learn that your competitor’s cost-per-click dropped below your target CPC on an important set of keywords


Get automatic alerts on the volume of SEM clicks received by a competitor or affiliate.

Example: Learn that five of your seven key competitors received more clicks than you did last month


Get automatic alerts on the types of ad copy offers used by competitors or affiliates, including which ones were most popular.

Example: Learn that  your competitors started running Free Shipping Ads on a certain keyword set

Ad Rank

Get alerted on important changes to the ad rank of any advertiser.

Example: Learn that your competitor averaged a higher ad rank than you did in the last 14 days.

What to see the full list of automatic ad monitoring alerts?

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Request a demo today!

Where can I see a few sample reports?

Visit the individual report pages to see a few images. Reports are:

Competitive Monitoring Reports

Compliance Monitoring Reports

Don’t see what you need?  Schedule a demo or contact us and tell us what report you’d like to see and for which vertical or keywords. We’ll do our best to provide.

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What types of charts are available?

The following charts are available through the Chart Manager section of the Dashboard

  • Single Line Metric: Paid
  • Single Line Metric: Organic
  • Scatter by Competitor
  • Stacked Bar Knockout: Affiliate
  • Stacked Bar Knockout: Rank
  • Stacked Bar: SOV
  • Stacked Bar: Shopping SOV

How can I easily sync my platform with yours?

Our system makes it easy to move large amounts of data between your system and ours.

  • Bulk Import & Export: Use this option to easily upload and export a file of some, or all, of your data
  • Excel Web Query: This option simplifies getting data from the system to excel. Creates connection with excel that is a time saver for anyone creating a weekly or monthly report with pivots, charts, or formulas
  • API Option: This option allows automatic creation of campaigns and retrieval of UI reports. Creates a connection between our system and client’s database making the process of getting data fully automated

Want to learn more about exporting your ad monitoring data?

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