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Google is getting rid of average position. Here’s what you need to know

Agencies, Marketing Teams
google average position
Google recently announced it is planning to do away with average position metric in September of this year.

Google is replacing average position with “Impression (Absolute Top) %" and "Impression (Top) %” These stats describe what percent of your ads appear at the top of the page and absolute top of the page.

google average position

With average position going away, experts are concluding that everyone will be targeting either the absolute top of page position or simply any placement on the page. This will likely lead to an influx of competition (particularly for absolute top placement), and in turn, an increase in CPCs and CPAs.

  Are you freaking out yet?

  Slow the freak out…The Search Monitor will still provide clients with average position for Google as well as all engines we monitor. Additionally, The Search Monitor will continue to provide average position not only for PPC ads, but for PLA and SEO ranking as well.

  So what do you do if you or your clients utilize average position to make key business decisions?

  1. Don’t freak out. You have until September to figure out your strategy.
  2. If you subscribe to The Search Monitor, you will still be able to track and see your average position. If you don’t, contact us for a demo to get started.
  3. Start to explore the new metrics Google rolled out last year. For example, using Google’s recently released Target Impression Share bidding strategy, you can target absolute top of the page position, top of the page position, or positioning anywhere on the page of Google search results.