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Google Shopping Changes—What You Need To Know

Marketing Teams, Retail
competitive intel
In an effort to compete with Amazon, Google recently rolled out a new "shopping experience".

"We redesigned Google Shopping to make this a bit simpler—it brings together shopping information across the web and from local stores so that you can easily research and buy what you're looking for."
Changes to note and why they matter:
  • Lowest prices & price tracking: Shoppers can now track prices of products on Google Shopping and turn on “price track” to receive a notification on your phone when the price of that item drops.
google shopping
  • Buy On Google icon: The addition of the colorful shopping icon is now prominently located on select shopping results. This allows shoppers to buy from thousands of stores directly on Google. This is Google’s cost cost-per-action program for retailers, currently called Google Shopping Actions.
    • Why it matters: merchants will need to adopt Shopping Actions if they want to get prominent visibility in Google Shopping and other surfaces, including Assistant.
    • Why it matters: Google charges retailers a cost-per-sale basis for Shopping Actions rather than the traditional cost-per-ad-click, so retailers are only charged when a sale is completed.
These changes are part of a significant initiative by Google to remain relevant in the retail sector. If retailers want to be visible, they will need to implement Shopping Actions and they should also monitor shopping ads and listings for Minimum Advertised Price, rank rules and compliance.