GUIDE: How agencies use ad monitoring to win more pitches

March 30, 2017


If you’re a digital agency pitching new search business, do you add insights from your ad monitoring tool into pitches and communications?

The Search Monitor is excited to share a guide designed to help agencies win more pitches.

Download the guide to get the resources for your next pitch:

  • 5 Key SEM Metrics: Visibility Score, Market Share, Clicks & Spend, Popular Ad Copy, & Trademark and Affiliate Violations.
  • Visuals: The exact charts and tables to include in your pitch.
  • Script: The script you need to support the visuals.
  • Checklist: 8 additional metrics to use for pitches.
  • Resources: List of The Search Monitor’s resources for agencies.

Download the free guide and follow the steps to improve your next email, call, Powerpoint, and in-person presentation!

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