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SERP Share For Halloween Costumes – We LOVE Data™

Marketing Teams, Retail, We LOVE Data™
halloween costumes
It’s Halloween week. With the excitement around the upcoming holiday, we decided to pull some data for our latest installment of We LOVE Data™ all about Halloween costumes.

halloween costumes
We LOVE Data™ is a research series published by The Search Monitor to provide industry insights for online advertising activity on search engines and other online marketing channels.

Let’s look at who won the battle for SERP share for Halloween costumes during the month of October. The following chart shows the listing real-estate across the entire search landscape:
halloween serp share
This data is really interesting to us. Here’s why:
  • It shows the diverse strategies of different advertisers.
    • Spirit Halloween focused their efforts on all three categories—organic, paid and PLA. This landed them in the top visibility spot.
    • crushed paid search and it earned them the second highest visibility.
    • Amazon and Target focused solely on PLA
  • The data shows the importance of PLA visibility for this category
    • had the highest organic share and the second highest paid share. However, having the lowest PLA share hurt their overall visibility.
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