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How hotels enforce OTA pricing in hotel listing ads

Agencies, Marketing Teams, Travel

Looking for insights on Google’s hotel listing ads? Need a tool to help monitor the thousands of constantly changing room rates?

deer-valley-listingHotel advertisers have been asking for greater transparency into how properties are listed, when there is price parity between operators and online travel agents (OTAs), and where the opportunities are to gain market share in hotel ads. The Search Monitor’s Hotel Listing Ads service provides this much-needed visibility into Google’s new hotel listing module and delivers it automatically to your inbox. The data can be filtered for specific geo-targeted keywords, (e.g., Miami hotels), brands, locations, and even star ratings (e.g., only 3-star properties). Hotel advertisers receive insights on Google’s hotel listings module globally, including:
  • Hotel room rates
  • Listing copy, including rates & offers
  • Advertiser share-of-voice
  • Average ad rank
The tool also helps hotel advertisers by monitoring hotel price parity. Price parity is a requirement of many operator-OTA relationships. But price parity rules are often broken due the difficulties in monitoring constantly changing room rates. Hotel advertisers can now verify price parity for the same property across different sellers’ websites.

Want to start monitoring hotel listing ads?

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