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How do hotel chains and booking engines compare for SERP visibility?

Agencies, Travel
The Search Monitor created the Search Marketing Visibility Score™ (SMVS) to measure a company’s search presence across the entire results page (a.k.a. SERP)—Paid, Organic, and Product Listing Ads (PLA)—and adjusts it for a company’s specific competition. We wanted to look at which advertisers had the most visibility on hotel searches. We chose three keywords that were popular during the month of January 2016 on Google in the US: "hotels", "hotel", and "hotel deals".

Which hotel advertiser had the highest Search Marketing Visibility Score?

hotel-search-marketing-visibility Three booking engines outscored the others by far—,, and Congrats to these three for their strong full-page visibility on these category-level (i.e. non-branded) keywords. But, notice anyone missing?

Where in the world are the hotel chains?

You can clearly see that no hotel chain brands appeared in the top 10 list for Search Marketing Visibility. Why? We assumed the hotel chains were focused more on branded keywords. To find out, we took a look at the data, and it quickly confirmed our hypothesis:
  • For the keyword term "Hilton Hotels", scored 97
  • For the keyword term "Marriott Hotels", scored 100
  • For the keyword term "Starwood Hotels", scored 100
  • For the keyword term "Kimpton Hotels", scored 100

Want to know if your search marketing scores an A or an F?

This was just a quick dive into hotel advertising. To see your own Search Marketing Visibility Score,  request a demo for your specific set of keywords and competitors, and any time frame or location. What gets measured, gets managed! [link url=""]Request Your Score[/link] Or contact us with any questions.