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How to defend PPC spend decisions to managers or clients


"I don't think we should spend more on PPC. Our current amount is just fine."

Every Paid Search Manager has heard this. And many get caught off guard with how to respond. One of the most time-tested responses is to show them---with data---how your spend compares with that of your competitive set. And then ask them if you would like to drive more clicks and sales than these competitors. The Search Monitor has an entire database devoted to spend data. And we have it down to the keyword and advertiser level, for 1,200 different verticals. We can help your defend your PPC spend! How do we do it? The video below shows how to use Lighthouse---the name of our ad spend database---to analyze spend patterns in your industry and then justify your spend levels. -

Want to see ad spend data for your competitors?

We're happy to perform these same steps for any of our 1,200 verticals. [demobutton] -