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How To Report Trademark Violations To Search Engines

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams
At first glance, submitting a trademark violation to the search engines looks like a simple process.

Find the violation, capture supporting details, and send it to the search engine. The engines respond by removing the offending ad. Competition is reduced. Money is saved. Clients and managers are happy.

When you try to repeat this process across multiple violations, however, you'll find that manually trying to police trademark bidding is a tedious and impossible undertaking. The volume, location, and timing of when ads are shown is impossible to do by hand.

Additionally, submitting violations has to be done one-by-one, so even if you succeed at finding the violations manually (which is unlikely), you have to submit them one at a time. This is incredibly ineffective in making a dent in your trademark management and/or CPC cost on those trademark terms. To truly catch trademark bidding requires automation.

So what should you do?

Choose an automated solution like The Search Monitor who helps thousands of brands detect online violations of their trademark policies and submit them to search engines for resolution.

Why should you care?

Brand protection is important to the overall success of your campaigns. Brand protection can increase performance by over 60% on brand and brand plus keywords. Read our case studies for more on the results brands have seen.

The good news is that The Search Monitor has made detection and enforcement a simple set-it-and forget-it process plus there are diagnostic reports at your fingertips to track successful take-downs..

How to set up Automated Trademark Complaints:

Step 1 Set-up: -Complete our Trademark Submission form (one time). You will need your trademark and registration number.’

Step 2 Detection: - The Search Monitor’s advanced detection technology will scan search engine ads to identify violations at a national and geo-targeted level.

Step 3 Enforcement: – Once a violating ad has been found, The Search Monitor automatically sends a complaint to the engine on your behalf.

Step 4: Reporting. The Search Monitor’s submissions Dashboard gives you complete transparency into all submissions, status updates, and take-down trends.

Have questions or want help on setting up your account to capture and automate violations reporting? Just let us know!