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INFOGRAPHIC: Kenshoo Industry Spotlight: Financial Services – Insurance

Agencies, Finance & Insurance, Marketing Teams

The Search Monitor specializes in providing industry insights for marketers to improve campaign performance and agencies to find (and impress) new clients.

Kudos to Kenshoo for using our industry-level data to create an incredibly informative infographic on advertising trends in Insurance. Because of the high lifetime value of a new insurance client, this industry can afford to spend more on profitable channels like search than can other industries.

Kenshoo used The Search Monitor's vertical-level data and charts on ad spend, CPC, and CTR to illustrate exactly where insurance advertisers have an opportunity to improve their campaign performance. Great use of the data, guys!

Two things we especially like:

  • They compared the CTR and CPC among the three tiers of insurance advertisers (where tiers are determined by total ad spend). Top-tier advertisers see a more than 12% higher CTR versus the middle tier. Like they point out, the middle tier definitely has room to increase its CTR.
  • They broke down the insurance vertical into its main sub-categories, such as Health, Auto, and Life. They performed the same CTR vs. CPC analysis as with the spending tiers above clearly illustrated on a bubble chart that the range of performance is broad. Pet insurance, for example, pays relatively lower CPCs and is rewarded with relatively higher CTRs. Not a bad deal. Property and vehicle insurance advertisers, meanwhile, are on the other end of the spectrum, paying much higher CPCs and getting CTRs that are about half of the ones for pet insurance.

Learn more about The Search Monitor's vertical-level database called Lighthouse and how it can help your marketing team.