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Why You Need To Integrate Crawling Data Into Your Current Platform

Agencies, Marketing Teams
crawling data

Have you ever considered integrating crawling data into your current platform? 

Since 2008, The Search Monitor has been helping companies apply granular SERP statistics to power their platforms. 

Our custom ad crawlers provide large streams of data that reach over 175 countries, 800+ regions, and over 26,000 cities to help connect disparate data points and push platforms forward in increasingly competitive environments.

The best part? There’s no coding or programming knowledge required and you get to export user-ready raw results – no parsing. The results are processed & parsed into all relevant page sections, with key data points provided.

Who Can Benefit From Integrating Crawling Data?

Some of the types of platforms we commonly integrate with include:
  • SEO/SEM agencies and research departments
  • Bid management services
  • Counterfeit/Trademark departments
  • Shopping agencies and platforms
  • Market research firms and departments
  • MAP vendors
  • BI tools
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