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Retailers: Here’s how to keep your PPC offers competitive

Agencies, Retail

Popular retail offers in Q2 2015

While you might think your retail offers are incredibly enticing to shoppers, what's more important is how relatively enticing they are. Here's the competitive offer intel you need to improve your clickthrough rates.  The chart below shows the most popular offers advertised for our Retail vertical during Q2 2015.  (Note: our Retail vertical is a broad group of keywords related to apparel, gifts, flowers, and other related products. Contact us if you'd like to see the full list.)

q2-offersSource: Lighthouse — Google & Bing (Q2 2015)

Highlights From the Popular PPC Offers Chart

  • Free Shipping stole the show. 62% of all offers included "free shipping" in the ad copy. Did you know that an offer for free shipping is often more appealing to customers than a 'dollar amount off' offer, even if the dollar amount is higher than the shipping cost? How many of your competitors are offering free shipping, and what is their minimum required sale price to get it? (The Search Monitor can tell you.)
  • They still respond well to sales. PPC offers including 'sale' came in 2nd, with 31% of all retail-related ads containing that word.
  • Free products are not that popular. Certain times of the year, and in certain categories, we see advertisers mentioning free products in their ads. In Q2 of 2015, however, this was rarely used (just 6% of ads monitored).

Get the Benchmark Guide for PPC Marketers for Q2 2015

Ready to show off your new marketing superpowers at your next meeting? Download the PPC benchmark Guide and wow the pants off your bosses and clients at the next planning meeting. ppc-benchmark-guide-the-search-monitorThis free guide provides search advertisers with:
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