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Now More Than Ever It Is Important To Protect Your Brand

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams
protect your brand
This post was written by James Pancamo.

As the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantine continue on, consumer trends continue to change. With more physical stores and brands forced to look for ecommerce revenue, the online marketplace is sure to become more competitive.

If the disruption continues, nearly half of people (43.20%) plan to do more of their shopping online, according to a survey by yotpo.

That's why, now more than ever, protecting your brand online is one of the most valuable PPC strategies there is. Did you know?

  • 12% of clicks are lost to competitors who advertise on your branded search terms.
  • Your branded campaigns are typically your most profitable PPC campaigns and unfortunately, your competitors and affiliates know this.
  • Focusing on protecting branded campaigns, it will lead to less competition and lower campaign costs.
  • CPC on branded terms are 10X higher than they were 4 years ago due to competition. We anticipate this trend to continue.
  • How does a company protect their brand?
The response to competitive brand bidding can take several forms, from fighting back with your own brand bidding to getting the engines to remove the ad (if it breaks their rules), to legal action.

Remember: The goal is to prevent competing advertisers from bidding on your keywords and/or limit the number of affiliates and resellers who can buy these keywords.

With fewer competitors, you’ll quickly see more clicks, lower CPCs, and lower overall campaign costs.

You may be thinking this all sounds very complicated and time consuming. Who has time to monitor keywords and report violations? The Search Monitor can help!

By adding your trademark, brand and product keywords into The Search Monitor tool, you can create alerts so you know when violations appear. You get the ad intelligence you need to take appropriate action. You’ll get a screenshot of the search result, along with the location, time and date of the search. This provides the necessary evidence to contact the violators to take down these ads, or to contact the engines themselves. You can even auto-submit violations to the search engines.

Interested in automating your brand protection strategy? Let’s talk.