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Guide: Q1 2015 Search Marketing Benchmarks For Retail

Get the performance benchmarks used by search marketing experts in the retail industry

Looking to improve the performance of your retail industry search ads?

This free guide provides retail advertisers with:

  • retail-guide-cover-q15 PPC metrics for Retail: Competition, Share, Rank, CTR & CPC
  • 2 Benchmark Types: Top-tier and middle-tier advertisers
  • 6 important Retail verticals: Apparel, Accessories, Cosmetics, Gifts, Camping & Outdoor, Kitchen & Dining.
  • Data from Q1 2015 for each metric and vertical listed above
  • The Search Monitor’s recommendations for using each benchmark
  • Ad Monitoring Checklist: 10 steps to understanding competitors

Look inside! View the Introduction & CTR By Retail Vertical

Get the search marketing benchmarks for retail & improve your SEM!  Right Arrows

Also, due to popular demand, we added benchmarks for The Search Monitor’s middle-tier advertisers. This lets advertisers not only compare with the best advertisers, but tells them if they are outperforming the average for their retail vertical.