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Search Marketing Snapshot: CheapOAir was the April Click Leader

Agencies, Marketing Teams, Travel
CheapOAir SEM performance
As search marketing professionals, it's important to set benchmarks based on the performance of industry leaders. Plus, it's human nature to want to know what our competitors are up to. With summer travel already in full swing, we decided to see how the best of the best have been performing. For this Search Marketing Snapshot, we analyzed the Air Travel vertical during April 2016. In particular, we focused on CheapOAir, which we see often in our ad monitoring platform. air-travel-sem-snapshot The air travel vertical is incredibly competitive in search marketing, so it pays to monitor KPIs frequently.  When we dove into our ad monitoring data for CheapOAir, we saw they were the clear leader in Clicks and Ad Share, two of the most sought-after PPC performance metrics. Further, they also came in 2nd for the all-important Search Marketing Visibility Score (SMVS), which measures an advertiser's total page visibility among paid ads and organic listings. Congrats, CheapOAir!

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