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SearchEngineLand Series: Reducing Brand Bidding Competition

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Automotive, Education, Finance & Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Travel
SEL - Brand Bidding - Part 5

Part 5 of our Brand Protection series is here!

SEL - Brand Bidding - Part 5 The Search Monitor, in conjunction with SearchEngineLand, just released Part 5 of its 8-part series on brand protection. Part 5 provides specific tips to search marketers on reducing brand bidding competition. They are:

Tips for Reducing Brand Bidding Competition

  • Complain to the engines
  • Own more real estate
  • Don't display generic ads
  • Don't ignore competitors
  • Use ad extensions
  • Use smart offers
  • Control partners' ad copy
Read the article on reducing brand bidding competition to get the full detail. Then, read the previous 4 parts here: Then, request a demo of how your competitors and partners are winning the brand protection battle. [demobutton] ---

Other Brand Protection Resources: