New Seller Reach reports help manufacturers boost sellers’ ad visibility

January 9, 2017

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The Search Monitor is excited to add powerful new Seller Reach reports to our ad monitoring platform. The reports use data collected worldwide from leading shopping sites such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla to evaluate how sellers promote their manufacturers online.

If you’re not familiar with the manufacturer-seller advertising relationship and the need for improved metrics, here are few details. Contact us for more info, or to evaluate your sellers’ advertising effectiveness.

Challenges with Manufacturer-Seller Relationship

The main problem concerns transparency. Manufacturers rely heavily on sellers to promote their products, sending them co-op advertising dollars (and other assets/resource) to help them with this promotion. While the manufacturer might receive sales reports from their sellers, they don’t know how effectively these dollars are being used to achieve visibility for their products.

There is lots of room for improvement here, which is why we created seller reach reports. They can be run by either the manufacturer or the seller and show how often the seller’s ads contain the manufacturers trademarks or products. The reports show ad copy, landing pages, and ranking, and do it by keyword, shopping site, and even geography.

Who Should Use Seller Reach Reports

  • Manufacturers: Specifically, those that have multiple online sellers and struggle with how to allocate funds/resources between them, and how to measure their effectiveness. Titles include Partner Channel Manager or whoever controls marketing co-op dollars
  • Sellers: Online sellers need to prove to their manufacturers that they effectively spend their co-op ad dollars. These reports provide the date-stamped proof that sellers are achieving effective levels of reach (i.e., shopping site visibility) for their manufacturer. This proof also lets them acquire new brands to sell for. Titles includes: E-commerce Manager and Paid Ad Manager

Sample Seller Reach Data

Seller Reach Chart with Samsung & Best Buy

Common Use Cases

Manufacturer Scenario

A maker of outerwear uses 25 different online sellers to distribute its products. Its small partner channel budget is split evenly among its top 10 sellers in terms of revenue. It doesn’t know where this money is being used best, but is afraid to cut or re-allocate the budget for fear of disrupting sales.

The manufacturer looks at Seller Reach data for all 25 sellers for a list of outerwear keywords on 3 important US shopping sites. It discovers that many of its top 10 sellers have reach scores under 10. It sends this data to them and requires them to double their reach if they want to continue receiving ad dollars. The reports are sent to both parties weekly until the sellers improve.

Seller Scenario

A seller just hired a new team to improve their ad copy, offers, ranking, and landing pages on Google Shopping. It runs a Seller Reach report on a list of important keywords for its manufacturer and discovers it is scoring higher than almost every other seller of that manufacturer. It shares this data with the manufacturer and asks for a 25% increase in the co-op ad dollars as a reward for its efforts, and to help it increase even further.

How It Works

All Search Monitor clients have access to these new reports, regardless of plan level. The steps to use are easy:

  • Clients upload keyword list or use our Lighthouse industry library
  • The software crawls global shopping sites looking for trademarks in the ad copy
  • The software captures data on both the ad and the seller, and calculates reach scores over time
  • Clients can get alerted to low-visibility or high-visibility sellers and use the data to re-assess co-op spend

Getting Seller Reach Reports For Your Industry

We’re happy to show you examples of these reports for your industry. Just give us a list of keywords, or choose from our Lighthouse library of the most popular industry keywords. We can then crawl engines worldwide and tell you what we find for now, and how it has changed over time. Request a demo below!

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