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Posts Tagged: Shopping Monitoring

New Seller Reach reports help manufacturers boost sellers’ ad visibility

The Search Monitor is excited to add powerful new Seller Reach reports to our ad monitoring platform. The reports use data collected worldwide from leading shopping sites such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla to evaluate how sellers promote their manufacturers online.

If you’re not familiar with the manufacturer-seller advertising relationship and the need for improved metrics, here are few details. Contact us for more info, or to evaluate your sellers’ advertising effectiveness.

5 tips to help brands monitor online resellers

The Search Monitor’s ad monitoring platform helps retail brands keep close tabs on their resellers. Since we launched the service, we’ve uncovered many creative tactics used by resellers to boost sales at the sake of their brands.

We assembled a list of five tips for monitoring resellers on sites like Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay. Our full article appears on We’ve summarized these tips below.

Search Engine Watch Feature: 7 tips to increase Google Shopping ad revenue

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.17.52 PMGoogle Shopping optimization is hot, hot, HOT right now!

We teamed up with Ty Martin of Ad Bacon to assemble a list of seven tips to squeeze more revenue from Google Shopping Ads, which just got featured on Search Engine Watch.

Why Manufacturers Need To Automate MAP Compliance

fitbit-pricegrabberWhen monitoring for Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Compliance, most manufacturers use outdated tools such as Excel or Google Alerts, or rely on their re-sellers to verify prices. That presents several problems:

  • With thousands of constantly changing SKUs, and multiple shopping engines to monitor, monitoring quickly becomes a 24/7/365 process.
  • Manually monitoring shopping engines for MAP means things can slip through the cracks, resulting in your product being advertised below your MAP, and unauthorized sellers advertising your products.

How Automating MAP Compliance Can Help

With The Search Monitor’s MAP Compliance Reports, manufacturers provide a list of products, authorized prices, and authorized resellers. Shopping engines are monitored for your specific rules, violations are flagged, and manufacturers are sent email alerts for MAP and reseller violations. The benefits of MAP Compliance Monitoring include:

Here’s why the frequency of your ad monitoring matters

One of the most common questions we get is: “Which ad monitoring reports should I be looking at daily, weekly, and monthly?” While it definitely differs based on your keywords and company size, here are some guidelines that have proven successful with our clients since we started surveying them in 2008.

Note: The Search Monitor’s platform is designed so you don’t need to log-in to view these reports. Instead, many clients choose to create a custom report (keywords, competitors, metrics, cities, column layout, etc.) and then get that emailed every day, week, or month. Contact us or request a demo and we’ll show you how easy this is to do.

Four Challenges Manufacturers Face With MAP Compliance

fitbit-pricegrabberMarketers at manufacturing companies face a significant challenge in making sure resellers comply with minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policies. They must police a large group of disparate companies across a wide number of online shopping engines and Product Listing Ads (PLAs), and do it for thousands of constantly changing SKUs.

How do they currently do it? Most use outdated tools such as Excel or Google Alerts, or rely on their re-sellers to verify. Below are the 4 biggest challenges manufacturers face with MAP compliance and how to solve them.

Uncover Your Marketing Superpowers: Mind-reading & competitive insights

email-super-vision-4If you looked at a list of the most popular superpowers, mind-reading is typically in the top ten (after flying, of course).

To marketers, however, mind-reading might rank in the top position, since the ability to understand how competitors think is the key to out-performing them.

22 helpful tools for search and affiliate marketers

Search marketing resources from the Search MonitorLet us make your job a whole lot easier!

The Search Monitor has just doubled the size of its resource gallery for search and affiliate marketers.

What’s your Search Marketing Visibility Score™?

Search Marketing Visibility Score - DiagramWhen consumers perform a search and analyze the results, they scan all sections of the page—Paid, Organic, and PLA—to find their answer. They usually don’t care where on the page their answer is, as long as they find it.

Search marketers should rate their performance in the same way, as one holistic measure of how consumers see them on the entire page.

8 Ways Manufacturers can Benefit from Ad Monitoring

The Search Monitor’s suite of ad monitoring services has a lot to offer manufacturers. Our reporting can help a manufacturer’s digital marketing team make more informed decisions about both PPC strategy and greatly optimize (and often decrease) their budget.

Here are 8 specific benefits that manufacturers receive from using an SEM intelligence tool like The Search Monitor’s:

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