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The 4 Reports All Search Marketers Should Be Running

Today we are sharing 4 reports all search marketers should be monitoring. How many of the below are you monitoring?

SERP Share
What it is: This is a measure of your brand’s search presence across the entire results page: Paid, Organic, and Shopping.

Why you need it: The SERP Share report will help you with the following strategic discoveries: 
  • Measure your page visibility across SEM, SEO, & PLA
  • Determine Your SEM, SEO, & PLA strategies per keyword
  • Benchmark  Performance Against Competitors

Bonus Reports: Market Share, Rank Report

Trademark Findings & Submissions Dashboards
What it is: The Findings Dashboard shows trademark infringements found in sponsored search ads including brand bidding, brand plus bidding, and use in the ad copy. Use the findings report in conjunction with automated submissions to track the progress of take-down complaints.

Why you need it: With the Findings & Submissions Dashboard, you can: 
  • View all violations in a summarized form
  • Track complaints submitted to the search engines along with the take-down status 
Bonus Reports: Trademark Violations, Affiliate Brand Bidding 

Amazon Search Results
What it is: Monitor sponsored and organic search results on You can see product listings, page rank, pricing, and SOV by keyword and brand.  

Why you need it: Amazon has taken over the World of e-commerce and advertisers need this data to compete effectively. 

Bonus Reports: PLA Listings, Shopping Listings

Ad Spend
What it is: The Ad Spend Report provides historical paid search insight on what your competitors are spending in their PPC campaigns along with key performance statistics including Ad Share, Rank, Reach, CTR, CPC, and Clicks.

Why you need it: Use this report to make better strategic decisions using a more precisely calculated estimate on your competitors’ spend and CPCs.

Bonus Reports: SERP Share, Market Share

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