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The Do’s and Don’ts of Working From Home

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams
This post is written by our Director of Global Accounts, Brian Buroker.

In 1996, my first job in New York required wearing suits everyday, dragging myself all over town on the subway, and knocking on doors in the summertime. It was brutal.

Since that job ended in 2000, I've been fortunate to work from home 85% of the time and although budgets have been scaled back, the search marketing industry continues to evolve through the recent events as noted by our most previous blog post—Search Marketing Trends To Watch— and listening to many webinars throughout the last month.

I have worked at The Search Monitor since 2010. The Search Monitor has always been a 100% remote company and we continuously experiment with many new technologies to make this possible. Side note: no technology exists to help you adjust to gaining a 6 year old and wife in a small Brooklyn apartment while working. Potential startup idea?

With that being said, I am very grateful to be working right now. I wanted to share some Do's and Don'ts to make working from home work.

Do - Wear what you want. Be comfortable, always. Sweats are the new suit.

Don't - Work from the kitchen if possible- you will mindlessly graze all day.

Do - Exercise and Meditate.

Don't - Worry what your background looks like during live meetings (other than light that can hurt other people's eyes on the call).

Do - List out daily tasks -write them down - attack the toughest ones first.

Don't - Freak out if you have to work from the bathroom from time to time. Note previously mentioned kid and wife in a small New York apartment. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Do - Communicate daily with your teammates. Pick up the phone or hop on a Zoom, don't just IM or email.

Don't - Get caught running low on coffee/espresso supplies.

Here are my current favorite tools to help with working from home:

- Salesforce
- All things Google (Hangouts/Meet, Drive, Boomerang for Gmail)
- Drip
- Calendly
- Zoom
- Slack
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- OBS Studio
- Hootsuite
- Todoist
- Calm app
- Nespresso Machine
- Coffee Maker
- Yoga Mat

One last tip and something I have been doing for a while now with prospects. During our call, I share my camera and follow up with a quick video with 2 to 3 minute recaps of the demo all with additional thoughts or ideas to help move the conversations forward.
Stay safe everyone and support our essential workers. You can donate to the CDC foundation here.