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The Search Monitor Set To Add, and Search Listings

Agencies, Marketing Teams, Retail

The Search Monitor plans to add more marketplaces to its shopping monitoring platform including, and The Search Monitor currently offers the feature for and is excited to open additional shopping engines for its clients.

This exciting technology gives advertisers unprecedented access to the data they need to compete effectively in these online marketplaces.

Competitive data on Google and other search engines SERPs has been available for years; but when it comes to Shopping SERPs, advertisers have largely been flying in the dark. Since adding, for the first time, advertisers have been able to get the same data for by using The Search Monitor’s new technology.

Advertisers know they can’t succeed online if they can’t perform on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Target and BestBuy. The e-commerce market continues to grow, making competitive insights for these listings imperative for advertisers to compete and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

The Search Monitor’s customers will be able to use this technology to benchmark stats like market share and rank and compare prices offered for specific products. The data gathered consists of sponsored listings and organic listings including Seller (competitor), product brand, rank, ad copy, and price. Advertisers will also be able to monitor competitors at the keyword level.

These unprecedented insights will make it possible for advertisers to not only discover new opportunities on Walmart, Target and BestBuy, but also better understand their competitors.

Lori Weiman, CEO of The Search Monitor, sums up the significance of this new technology, “We have seen the impact of monitoring Amazon for our customers, and recognized that there was a lack of competitive information provided about the SERPs on the other major marketplaces. By expanding this feature, our customers can benchmark their performance, and make informed decisions about keyword sponsorship opportunities across all platforms.”