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Top 5 industry insights you can learn using Lighthouse

Agencies, Education, Finance & Insurance, Marketing Teams, Retail, Telecom, Travel
The feedback we get from our clients is that they love using our new vertical-focused competitive intelligence tool--Lighthouse --to identify helpful insights about their industry, or the industries of their clients. It's a new approach to competitive intelligence that provides 1,239 verticals and incorporates post-click data from comScore. So, we thought we'd share this list of the five most popular uses of our Lighthouse data, gathered from clients:

ONE: Compare your KPIs against your industry benchmark

Lighthouse - PPC Benchmarks Uses for this chart
  • Identify metrics with potential for improved performance
  • Prove to a client why they need your help
  • Brag to a client or manager how much your performance exceeds the average

TWO: Compare ad rank and frequency against your industry's big players

 Lighthouse - PPC Rank vs frequency

Uses for this chart
  • Understand your industry’s trade-off between these two key metrics
  • Learn who your competitors really are
  • Brag to a client or boss why you’re outperforming the industry average

THREE: Compare your PPC market share against your industry's big players

 Lighthouse - PPC Market Visibility

Uses for this chart
  • Understand the volatility of your industry’s PPC market share
  • Uncover the weekly & promotional strategies of industry competitors
  • Prove to a client or boss that recent tactics have increased market share

FOUR: Compare clicks & ad spend against advertisers in similar spending tiers

The Search Monitor #4 Paid Search Metrics By Spending Tier Source: Kenshoo Uses for this chart
  • Answer the question: Is my monthly click volume and CTR on par with similar players in my vertical?
  • Answer the question: Am I spending too much, too little, or the right amount?

FIVE: Identify attractive SEM companies for business development

Agency uses for this data
  • Identify companies or verticals where your performance metrics exceed their averages. Use to prove to them you can help
  • Identify companies who spend is in your agency's sweet spot for new clients
  • Learn the tracking or ad-serving vendors used by specific companies to help build a compelling pitch of how you can help
  • Watch this video to see exactly how to use Lighthouse to find new clients for your agency. Super simple.

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