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Use affiliates to improve PPC reach—SEM growth hack series

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams
use affiliates to grow ppc reach
use affiliates to improve ppc reach Owning more paid search spots on search results can increase your clicks by 30-50 percent for each additional spot that you occupy. To get this type of monster click growth from paid search, tap on your affiliates, partners and resellers to make a paid search land grab. For example, if your CTR (click-through rate) alone is 2 percent, removing one competitor and replacing it with one affiliate with a CTR of 0.8 percent grows your additive CTR to 2.8 percent — a 40 percent gain!

In this month's installment of her series on SEM growth hacks, Lori Weiman explains how advertisers can utilize their affiliates to dominate the SERPs and increase the bottom line.

Read the full article on Search Engine Land, and then contact us for an evaluation of your affiliate program. read more