How To Use Offer Monitoring For Brand Protection

July 26, 2017

Agencies, Marketing Teams

Keeping your PPC offers competitive and relevant is essential.  Armed with the right offer intelligence, it becomes easier to create compelling offers (that stand out from the competition), improve your clickthrough rates, and drive sales. But how can you use offer monitoring effectively for brand protection?

Ad monitoring data is a great place to start for this. It gives you the scale and coverage that you can’t get from manual searches.

Our rules engine analyzes offers and compares the offer language against ‘if-then’ logic rules:

  • Paid Search Ad Copy: Ensure correct offer language in paid search ads. Example: Can’t contain ‘free’ and ‘coupon’ together.
  • Landing Page Content: Analyze landing pages for offer copy to ensure correct promo language. Can find and alert you if any string of text is found (ex: wrong slogan or product details)
  • Special Offer Categories:  Auto-tag offers found in paid search ads into categories like free shipping, sales, deals, and free products.
  • Customize Rules:  Create your own rules with must-have language, negative language, and expiration dates using easy rule statements & ‘if-then’ logic. Example: Must contain ‘APR’ and cash back values but can not say ‘mileage.’
  • Publisher Lists:  Provide your own list of publishers or allow the crawlers to auto-detect where offers are running.

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