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Where to Invest Your Money During COVID-19

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Marketing Teams
This post is written by our Director of Global Accounts, Brian Buroker.

With now 30 million people unemployed in the last 6 weeks, we've seen major declines in growth and inflation as the Federal Reserve tries to inject liquidity in the market. As a result, people are rightly trying to figure out what to do with their money and we have seen that companies in the Finance & Investing vertical are adapting.

As you know, We LOVE Data™ at The Search Monitor, so I wanted to take a look at what the data is saying.

We are seeing the trading platforms are increasing their ad spend:
TD Ameritrade (+34%)
Fidelity (+26%)
Interactive Brokers (+341%)
Schwab - (+20%)

In contrast, funding is drying up and some sites are pulling back on spend:
fundrise - (-21%) (-33%) ( -21%)

With the rise in gold prices, we’ve seen a subsequent increase in spending by gold sites:
jimbullion - (+25) - (+28%)
sellyourgold - (+12%) (+81%)

Want to see what the trends are in your vertical? Let us know and we can pull some data for you.