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Here’s why the frequency of your ad monitoring matters

Affiliate Managers, Agencies, Finance & Insurance, Retail
One of the most common questions we get is: "Which ad monitoring reports should I be looking at daily, weekly, and monthly?" While it definitely differs based on your keywords and company size, here are some guidelines that have proven successful with our clients since we started surveying them in 2008. Note: The Search Monitor's platform is designed so you don't need to log-in to view these reports. Instead, many clients choose to create a custom report (keywords, competitors, metrics, cities, column layout, etc.) and then get that emailed every day, week, or month. Contact us or request a demo and we'll show you how easy this is to do.

Ad Monitoring Reports To View Daily

URL Hijacker Report

This is a key compliance report that will ensure that your paid search ad is not being hijacked by an affiliate or partner. If the report shows a hijacker, use the report details to report it immediately to your Affiliate Network or Compliance Manager. Want to learn more about the serious dangers posed by URL Hijacking? See our blog posts on URL Hijacking.

Rank Restriction Report

This report alerts you to resellers, partners, or even competitors that are outranking you on the SERP. Rank rules can be built to compare the advertiser to your domain or to alert you when an advertiser is below or above a specific position on the SERP. Some Search Monitor clients use this report to enact quick bidding changes and adjust for other advertisers appearing higher than them. Let's break out some specific uses:
  • Affiliate Managers (for compliance monitoring): This group of marketers needs to make sure on a daily basis that their affiliates are not breaking clearly started ranking rules in their terms & conditions. Yes, this happens, and yes, if they don't check this more often than weekly, their own ad performance can take a big hit.
  • PPC Managers (for competitive monitoring): This group needs to view rank data on a daily basis for competitive, not compliance reasons. Each day they should receive emailed reports showing new competitors who are outranking them, along with screenshots of the ad copy (to get ideas from them) and links to the landing pages (again, to see best practices). Waiting a week is too long to let a new competitor outrank them on key phrases.

Trademark Violations Report

Brand Managers need to catch trademark violations on a daily basis. Not every violation needs to be acted upon on a daily basis (i.e. very long-tail keywords or low-quantity infringements), but they still need to get these daily alerts to make sure nothing major is impacting their campaigns.

Other Reports To View Daily

  • Retailers: This group should look at the Special Offers report each day to see how their offers compare to those of your competitors
  • Manufacturers: This group needs to look at MAP Compliance reports each day to find when their re-sellers are advertising their products below minimum advertised prices. They cannot afford to wait even a week to find and start resolving these issues, since this could translate into tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue
  • Advertisers in Regulated Industries: This group has to be more vigilant than other advertisers and should be reviewing their Content Monitoring reports daily to find instances of partners breaking federal-mandated rules in advertising disclosure. These agencies have been cracking down lately on fraudulent or misleading ads.

Ad Monitoring Reports To View Weekly

Ad Copy Details Report

This report will allow you to analyze competitor’s ad copy and the overall performance of their ad copy. This report should be used weekly to see ad copy changes in strategy including A/B testing, ad copy extensions use, and special offers within ad copy. Make sure to share what you find with your copywriters and analysts, so they can set up new tests to run.

Trademark Violations Report

This report also belongs in the Weekly section, but for different reasons. This compliance report will help you maintain your brand and remove any advertisers that should not be on your branded terms. This report allows you to automatically submit trademark violations to the search engines for removal of advertisers that violate the engines’ trademark policy. This tends to be more of a weekly activity than a daily one, so you can make sure you're not sending one-off long-tail keyword violations.

Search Marketing Visibility Score Report (aka SERP Share)

This report is our holistic search engine visibility report. This report displays your organic share, paid share, and PLA share (when applicable) for all advertisers, along with their average ranking and total visibility score. With this report, you can easily gauge the whole SERP and determine strategies for bidding and enhancements in all areas of the SERP.

Ad Monitoring Reports To View Monthly

Rank Restriction Report (and other compliance summary reports)

These reports are great for monthly or even quarterly review of: 1) the quantity of ranking violations by affiliate partners, 2) the number of trademark violations, and/or 3) the overall number of competitors on keyword set. This information helps our clients make high-level changes to ad strategy going into the next month or quarter.

Market Share Report

At least monthly you want to monitor how your market share compares with that of your 5-10 key competitors, preferably in a trend line chart. To help understand the ups and downs of these lines, you'll want to look at other reports such as rank, ad copy, and ad spend. See PPC market share report examples for more info, or request a demo of market share for your biggest competitors. Retailers may want to look at this report as often as weekly during busy holiday periods when market share can swing more sharply.

Organic Rank Trend Report

This organic report is perfect for analyzing the increase or decrease in organic position on the SERPs. This report will allow you to accurately report the change in rank for your domain or for a group of competitors/partners.

Cheat Sheet to Ad Monitoring Reporting

While this isn't exhaustive to what we just reviewed, here's a quick cheat sheet to when you should view (or get emailed) the most important ad monitoring reports: report-frequency-header

Learning More About Ad Monitoring Reports

Want to see any of these reports for your keywords or competitors? Contact us or request a demo today. [demobutton] ---