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Why Manufacturers Need To Automate MAP Compliance

Marketing Teams, Retail
fitbit-pricegrabberWhen monitoring for Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Compliance, most manufacturers use outdated tools such as Excel or Google Alerts, or rely on their re-sellers to verify prices. That presents several problems:
  • With thousands of constantly changing SKUs, and multiple shopping engines to monitor, monitoring quickly becomes a 24/7/365 process.
  • Manually monitoring shopping engines for MAP means things can slip through the cracks, resulting in your product being advertised below your MAP, and unauthorized sellers advertising your products.

How Automating MAP Compliance Can Help

With The Search Monitor's MAP Compliance Reports, manufacturers provide a list of products, authorized prices, and authorized resellers. Shopping engines are monitored for your specific rules, violations are flagged, and manufacturers are sent email alerts for MAP and reseller violations. The benefits of MAP Compliance Monitoring include:
  • Crawl Google Shopping, PLAs, Amazon, eBay, Shopzilla, and PriceGrabber, all from one platform.
  • Be notified as soon as violations occur, capturing short-term promotions run by sneaky resellers that would be missed with manual monitoring.
  • Alerts give you everything you need to verify and halt violations, including screenshots.
  • The data is accurate and updated, and your instances of false positives decrease dramatically.
  • Remove any doubts a retailer has about your products being sold below MAP. More accurate reporting and proactive management of MAP means protecting your valuable sales channels.
Learn more about MAP Compliance & let us show you how it works.