What is Lighthouse?

Feature LighthouseLighthouse Logo  provides historical paid search, organic search, and PLA statistics organized into vertical categories.   Clients receive insight into unlimited competitors across 1,200+ verticals across millions of keywords for Google and Bing.

Lighthouse™ is sold by the vertical at a starting price of $600/month per vertical.  Platform licenses are available to all 1,200 vertical categories.  See Vertical List

Data Consists Of 

  • Paid Search Statistics.  SOV, Clicks, CPC, CTR, Avg. Rank, reach, impression share, ad copy, and offers.
  • Organic Search Statistics.  Ranking, page share, & listing copy across universal search results including organic, local, hotel finder, news, videos, images, shopping, and more.
  • Product Listing Ads Statistics.  SOV, page share, product price, # of merchants, product descriptions, seller ratings & reviews, and PLA page placement

Lighthouse Logo  was developed in partnership with comScore_Inc.

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