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Brand Protection + Competitive Intelligence

One Platform Monitors:
SEM, SEO, PLA, Shopping, & Offer Content

Brand protection
Competitive intelligence
  • SEM Brand Bidding
  • SEM Affiliate Compliance
  • Affiliate Threat Analysis
  • Content Marketing Compliance
  • FTC Compliance
  • Remediation
  • Monitor Multiple Engines
  • Custom Benchmarks & Industry Detail
  • High-Frequency Crawling
  • Cross-Device SERP Performance Tracking
  • No-Impact Crawling
  • Market Visibility Score

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See how The Search Monitor provides global protection for your brand.


We Monitor

Built with Better Technology

For Protection and Insights

Monitoring Ads in Any Location

Discover “local” competitors and protect your brand in the cities and regions that matter most to your business.

Hourly Crawling

Weekly or daily crawls often won’t trigger ads.  Higher crawl frequencies improve your reporting accuracy and the likelihood of catching infractions.

Automatic Alerts

Set up custom alerts to get critical information to the right people at the right time.

Precision Data

We look like real people when we crawl. We have the most accurate data because our crawler does not get blocked.

Cross Device

Now you can monitor SEM, SEO, Landing Pages, Twitter, Blogs, & Display Ads on Mobile & Desktop.

Submit Violations Automatically

Automatically submit violations with all the required documentation to insure a high response rate from the search engines.


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Owning more paid search spots on search results can increase your clicks by 30-50 precent for each additional spot that you occupy.