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Lori Weiman, CEO and Co-Founder

Lori Weiman has been creating products for SEM and SEO marketers since 2002. She is a regular speaker at leading search, affiliate, and retail trade shows as well as a regular columnist for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch.

Prior to The Search Monitor, Lori co-founded (now a division of Digital River, Inc.) which provides campaign optimization software to SEM marketers and agencies.

Lori started her career at Time Warner Cable as part of the team responsible for inventing on-demand television. She has held executive level positions at several early stage ventures including Click Forensics, Webquarters, and

Lori holds a degree in business from Emory University & a J.D. degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Shaun Martinec, CTO and Co-Founder

Shaun Martinec is responsible for building and maintaining the world-class search monitoring technology and Dashboard interface used by The Search Monitor’s clients.

Shaun first engineered a SaaS application in 1997 and has been “hooked” on the web ever since. He has used his cross-functional talents to design, build and market both B2C and B2B websites in various verticals.

Shaun architected and built (now a division of Digital River, Inc.) which provides campaign optimization software to SEM marketers and agencies.

Shaun got his degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Art Vigil, VP of Sales

Art Vigil is the heart and soul of The Search Monitor. He would happily give you an extra kidney if you asked him. Too bad he already gave it to Mother Theresa.

Prior to The Search Monitor, Art worked at Greenpeace (where he personally saved 150,000 trees from being logged in the Amazon), PETA (where he rescued 8 dolphins and 12 killer whales from captivity at Sea World), and Subway (where he helped Jared lose his famous 245 pounds).  Art is all about giving back to the community.

The Pope, during one of his recent sermons at the Vatican, referred to Art as “the person alive today that I most look up to.” But all the fame and fortune (and 4 Oscars and 6 Grammys) has not gone to Art’s head. He is still as modest as the day is long.

View Art’s real bio on LinkedIn.

Danielle Oldham, Sr. Director of Client Services

Danielle Oldham is responsible for making sure every Search Monitor client fully leverages the company’s advanced monitoring technology to meet their marketing goals.

Danielle has been analyzing the search space since 2007. She dives into search data with an analytic mindset but fully understands the practical application for SEM and SEO marketers.

Prior to The Search Monitor, Danielle worked for (now owned by AOL) where she managed both the bid management platform and creative for the company’s highest-revenue accounts. Danielle also  worked with the Delivery Management team and was responsible for the overall delivery of paid search campaigns for clients.

Danielle started her career at PaySimple as a marketing analyst after graduating from Virginia Tech with a double major in Communications & English.