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About The Search Monitor

Looking for a competitive edge in search and affiliate marketing?
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Since 2007, The Search Monitor has provided competitive market research data to advertisers running online search campaigns, affiliate marketing programs, and online shopping campaigns worldwide.

Advertisers subscribe to reports that provide key performance data on competitors in their industries and on brand specific keywords including search visibility, benchmarking metrics including SOV, ad rank, ad spend, CTR, ad copy, offer analysis, and brand bidding protection

Thousands of online marketers, affiliate agencies, affiliate networks, and top brands use The Search Monitor to improve performance on paid search, organic search, shopping, and affiliate marketing campaigns.

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One platform provides competitive monitoring intelligence on Paid & Organic Search, Shopping, & Display:

  • Paid Search: See KPIs such as market share, rank, ad spend, clicks, CTR, & CPC across all search engines. Includes remarketing
  • Organic Search: Get rank and listing copy for universal search results including local, organic, news, shopping, and more.
  • Shopping: View competitors, seller ratings & reviews, keywords, prices, page rank, and SOV, for both PLAs and shopping engines.
  • Display & In-App Mobile: Find out where competitors’ ads are running, top-performing creatives, and publisher performance with Display Monitoring.
  • Paid, Organic & PLA Together:Analyze performance across paid, organic, and PLA shopping search results in the same report.
  • Compliance & Ad Intelligence Together: Get ad intelligence and compliance monitoring together in one platform!
  • Search Marketing Visibility Score: Grade your total-page search presence & get insights into where to spend next dollar.


Get benchmarking stats to gauge your competitive performance:

  • Share of Voice: See how you compare against other advertisers and trend your SOV over time.
  • Ad Creatives: Learn from our database of ad copy that is ranked by popularity and searchable by keywords and brand names.
  • Market Landscape: Uncover all competitors in the market landscape, ranked by market reach and SOV across media.
  • Ad Spend, CTR, & Clicks: Make better decisions using precise paid search statistics. Learn more.
  • 1,200+ Verticals:  View paid & organic search data grouped by vertical.  See full list of verticals.
  • Spend & Click Metrics:  Get paid search statistics for Google and Bing on ad spend, CPC, clicks & CTR.
  • Vertical Indexes:  Develop indexes across verticals of top advertisers to benchmark market reach, spend, clicks, & CPC.
  • Historical Data:  Get historical data starting in July 2013.
  • Ad Spend Accuracy.  Lighthouse ad spend data is a highly precise predictor of ad spend.  Stats are computed using a mixture of real-time monitored data, click data, and search engine computations.  Learn about our precision data.
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Uncover answers with unprecedented visibility into the behavior of the market landscape. Use this knowledge to hone your media strategy.

Find out answers like:

  • Why Did My CPC Increase?   Find out if market changes impacted your cost per click.
  • Which Offer Types & Creatives Are Most Popular?   Uncover competitors’ offers and creatives, sorted by the most effective.
  • How Do I Compare Against Similar Advertisers?  Index yourself against others like you (e.g., similar size, industry).
  • Which Affiliates & Partners Compete with Me?  See which of your affiliates are stealing clicks from you.
  • Which Affiliates & Partners Help Me?  Learn which affiliates are symbiotic with you (e.g., help you cover more keywords and block out competitors.)  Learn about Super Affiliate strategies.
  • Where Do My Competitors Advertise?  See which media outlets, verticals, and keywords your competitors use. Dive deeper into how spending, traffic, and SOV is allocated across paid & organic search, shopping, & display.


Easily Monitor Competitor & Affiliate TM Bidding Activity on Paid Search

  • Global Monitoring Technology
    • Worldwide, city targeted, keywords scans
    • Keyword scans launch every few milliseconds
  • Detects Brand Violations
    • Identifies competitors & affiliates bidding on branded keywords
    • De-cloaks affiliate direct linkers
  • Automated Enforcement
    • Email violation alerts to offenders
    • Automatically submits TM Complaints to search engines for take downs
  • Brand Protection Improves Ad Performance
    • Avery lowers campaign costs by 51% – learn more
    • Europcar Reduces PPC Costs on Brand Keywords By 48% – learn more
Smart Crawler

It pays to protect your brand


of your clicks are lost to competitors who advertise on your branded search keywords


higher CPCs on branded terms now than they were 4 years ago due to competition


of affiliates do not comply, many knowingly practice affiliate fraud


of thousands of dollars are lost by retailers when publishers promote expired promo codes

Here's Why the Biggest Brands Prefer the
Search Monitor for Brand Bidding Compliance

The Search Monitor has been helping advertisers monitor online ads for compliance violations since 2008. The brands we work with know that we not only have the most powerful and customizable compliance monitoring platform, but also a team of in-house experts ready to support and innovate with each of our partners to make sure our platform meets their brand’s unique needs.

Learn more about Brand Protection