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Content Monitoring

Ensure that partners comply with your marketing rules

Content Monitoring Highlights

  • Detects text, image & affiliate links, and source code (e.g., HTML). Great for offer monitoring
  • Monitors any published webpage or blog, including social media and landing pages
  • Uses your specific program rules (e.g., exclude “sale” or include FTC-mandated disclaimers)
  • Receive screenshots with violations highlighted and date-stamped
  • Violations are automatically re-crawled until they disappear
  • Monitoring actions stored in advanced Case Management System for easy tracking

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How It Works - Content Monitoring


Case Management System

Detecting content violations is only half the battle. You need an advanced case management system to track and share all activity, and ensure violations get closed.

Use the case management feature to:

  • Log when and where violations were found
  • Keep a history of all actions taken by the user
  • Add comments to issues for future reference
  • Share activity with your team & client. Prove it got resolved!

Use Case: Prohibited or Required Language

Our rules engine analyzes content and compares the language against ‘if-then’ logic rules. Examples:

  • Paid Search Ad Copy: Ensure correct offer language in paid search ads. Example: Can’t contain ‘free’ and ‘coupon’ together.
  • Landing Page Content: Analyze landing pages for offer copy to ensure correct promo language. Can find and alert you if any string of text is found (ex: wrong slogan or product details)
  • Special Offer Categories:  Auto-tag offers found in paid search ads into categories like free shipping, sales, deals, and free products.
  • Customize Rules:  Create your own rules with must-have language, negative language, and expiration dates using easy rule statements & ‘if-then’ logic. Example: Must contain ‘APR’ and ‘cash back values’ but can not say ‘mileage.’ Or, must contain certain FTC-mandated requirements.
  • Publisher Lists:  Provide your own list of publishers or allow the crawlers to auto-detect where offers are running.

Use Case: Coupon Code Detection

See where coupon codes appear in paid search ads and landing pages:

  • Landing Pages: Find codes on blogs, Twitter, and any landing page.
  • Paid Search Ads: Find coupon codes and/or expiration dates published in paid search ad copy.
  • Publisher Lists: Provide your own list of publishers or allow the crawlers to auto-detect where offers are running.

Content Monitoring Resources

Here are a few other helpful resources for monitoring content:

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