Trademark Monitoring

Protect trademarks from infringement by affiliates, partners & competitors.

Trademark Compliance Monitoring Highlights

  • Monitored Media: Paid & organic search, and landing pages on mobile and desktop.
  • Key Metrics: Keywords, ad copy, domains, engines, times seen, rank, & search engine link location
  • Reporting Options: Easy to filter, chart, export, and trend infringements
  • Automatic Notifications: Screengrabs with date/time stamp, alerts, and email templates
  • Custom Labeling:  Create your own custom labels for group partners such as OTAs
  • Search Remarketing: Uncover hidden violations in Google’s RLSA. Learn More

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Trademark Infringement Detection

Easily set up and automate your trademark detection to capture:

  • Trademark Infringement on Search: See who’s bidding on brand/brand-plus keywords & using TMs in ad copy.
  • Rank Rules on Paid Search: Get alerts when partners & competitors out-rank you.  Learn about Super Affiliate strategies.
  • Brand Use in Organic Search Listings: Find instances of competitors and affiliates appearing in organic search results.
  • Detect Partners, Competitors & Affiliates. Automatically identify and distinguish between partners, competitors, and affiliates advertising on brand terms on search ads.

SmartCrawler Technology

Our SmartCrawler™ technology optimizes detection by adapting to the evolving market:

  • Auto-ID Affiliates:  Automatically detects affiliate networks and ID of partners and determines who is in your program.
  • De-Cloaking:  Since affiliates try to hide links from crawlers, SmartCrawler™ can de-cloak them & find the affiliate.
  • Randomized Crawling:  To stay a step ahead, crawlers randomize times, keywords, and locations.
  • Geo-Control: Configurable geo-targeting to the country, region, & city for clients with a local focus like telecom or travel.
  • Vast Footprint: Worldwide monitoring, across 9+ search engines and 1,000’s of publishers, monitored hourly.

Fire Off Complaints

Submit complaints to search engines, competitors & affiliates:

  • Screenshots.  View and forward date & time-stamped screenshots.
  • Alerts.  Configure daily, weekly, or monthly alerts.
  • Compliance Emails.  Auto-submit complaints to search engines with all the necessary link location information.
  • Email History.  Past complaints are stored in one simple report.
  • Email Templates.  Design and store email templates.

Trademark Monitoring Resources

Here are a few other helpful resources for monitoring trademarks:

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