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Marketing Teams

What is Lighthouse?

Feature Lighthouse


Lighthouse Logo  gives you detailed click and spend data by vertical!

It provides historical paid search, organic search, and PLA statistics organized into vertical categories like Lodging, Apparel, Hobbies, Finance, etc.  Clients receive insight into unlimited competitors across 1,200+ verticals across millions of keywords for Google and Bing.

Lighthouse™ is sold by the vertical at a starting price of $300/month per vertical.  Platform licenses are available to all 1,239 vertical categories.

Data Consists Of 

  • Paid Search Statistics.  Ad Spend, SOV, Clicks, CPC, CTR, Avg. Rank, reach, impression share, ad copy, and offers.
  • Organic Search Statistics.  Ranking, page share, & listing copy across universal search results including organic, local, hotel finder, news, videos, images, shopping, and more.
  • Product Listing Ads Statistics.  SOV, page share, product price, # of merchants, product descriptions, seller ratings & reviews, and PLA page placement

Learn More About Lighthouse

Lighthouse for Travel

Hotels, Cruises, Resorts, Airlines, OTAs, and Auto Rentals have a unique need for geo-targeted information at the city level.  Lighthouse for Travel specifically provides a unique data set across more than 200 popular US destinations with historical data on Ad Spend, SOV, Rank, Ad Copy, Clicks, & CPC.

Lighthouse for Travel also includes Hotel Finder listings that appear in organic search results, with daily rate results coming in Q1 2015.

See a Demo With Data & Reports on Your Industry

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What PLA monitoring info do you provide?

We have the data that demystifies the PLA!

PLAs are the talk of the town for retail search marketers and aren’t going away anytime soon. They are incredibly effective conversion tools but are often misunderstood. While marketers control the content of PLA ads through a data feed, the problem is a lack of visibility into which product is showing for a keyword query.

What We Monitor: We capture and report on all shopping listings that appear in worldwide search results. This includes Product Listing Ads (PLAs) on Google and shopping listings on Yahoo and Bing. We monitor them similarly to paid search ads, with multiple query checks per day. PLA monitoring is included in our SEM package offering and also within  lighthouse-logo-medium.

Why It’s Tricky: PLAs require more intensive monitoring than other shopping listings. They change with each new search query (like paid search ads) which is different than shopping engine listings that change at a pace similar to organic listings.

PLA Stats We Capture

  • Percent of keywords containing PLAs:  Some keywords do not have PLAs, while others do.  The percent of keywords that contain PLAs can vary per vertical.
  • Number of ad units per keyword:  PLAs can show up as small as 2-unit boxes or as large as 6 or 8-unit boxes.
  • Cross-media reporting: SEM, SEO, and PLA ad share, and the intersection of how often you appear on each ad unit.
  • Seller Statistics: Rank, Share of Voice, frequency (i.e. % of the time a seller shows up in product listing ads), seller ratings and reviews, & list of all products promoted by the seller
  • Product Statistics:  Price promoted by each seller, average price for a product, price range (low to high), & ad copy

Best Practices With PLA Stats

  • Determine if your vertical is a heavy user of PLAs and you need to be there (agencies can use to recommend PLAs to clients)
  • Determine if PLAs are pushing down your text ads, causing lower CTRs
  • Determine if the products you want to display are actually displaying
  • Determine if your product’s price is displaying within the range of prices in the PLA unit (too high is a big no-no for CTR)
  • Determine if your product’s images look as good as the other images in the PLA

Other PLA Resources

Can you tell me the keywords my competitors are using?

Yes. If your competitors are using keywords that you have loaded into your campaign manager, we will identify them.

However, we do not have visibility into your competitor’s Google Ad Words account or Bing Ad Center Account.

What are The Search Monitor’s most popular use cases?

Interactive Agencies

Automate repetitive research reports like competitive landscape information, trademark bidding, and affiliate activities. Use real intelligence to support business development efforts geared toward winning new clients.

Paid Search Managers

Use ad copy reports to get the heads-up on competitive promotions. Protect brand bidding by monitoring your trademarks. Watch for competition from your own affiliate program.

Multi-Market Local Advertisers

Automate the monitoring of your position on local search results across multiple markets. Watch competitors’ ad campaigns for unique geo-targeted promotions.

Affiliate Managers & Compliance Teams

Ensure affiliates are following the requirements of your affiliate program on search. Identify the strength of your competitors’ affiliate programs on search. Ensure that claims and offers in ad copy are truthful and up-to-date.

SEO Managers

Get the competitive landscape on universal search results. Use the data to tailor your organic strategy around page layout including organic, shopping, video, and local results.

Advertisers with Reseller Programs

Watch resellers to ensure that rank rules, keyword restrictions, and geographic requirements are followed. Ensure that current promotions are running and old promotions have been removed.

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Why do Marketing Teams need an ad monitoring tool?

Marketing Teams need a powerful tool that provides the following benefits, in one easy-to-use place:

  • PPC monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • Shopping engine and PLA monitoring
  • Campaign performance benchmarks for any industry
  • List of Hot Competitors for any industry
  • Trended market share stats for all Hot Competitors
  • Alerts when a competitor performs a specific action.

How does geo-targeted ad monitoring work?

All of our packages come with the ability to geo-target search engine monitoring by ZIP, city, state, region, and country in every location. This includes global search engines such as Google, Bing, & Yahoo and local ones such as Baidu, Yandex, and Naver.

Why You Must Geo-Target Your Ad Monitoring

  • Find advertisers that are displaying your trademarks in their ad copy, but only in certain markets. You’ll need this proof to submit to the engines for removal!
  • Find affiliates who break your rules in select locations, such as where your office is not located (since they think you only check there)
  • Identify resellers that are unauthorized to advertise in certain cities
  • Learn how competitors change their offers and landing pages by geography
  • Identify new countries to enter for paid search

Industries That Benefit From Geo-targeting

Industries that benefit the most from geo-targeting include localized retailers, telecom, travel, automotive, and finance.

For example, travel clients may want to learn about advertised room rates, OTA activity, or brand infringements per market serviced. Clients who work in cooperative search marketing scenarios with resellers and distributors can benefit from ensuring rank compliance and keyword/ad copy synchronization.

The Search Monitor uses thousands of IP addresses across the globe to simulate a user in a specific location. We can target any country, city, or region, and the language of the ad.

Want to learn more? Ask us for examples of how geo-targeting can help your vertical. Or, request a demo with your list of geographies.

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Can I pull paid and organic stats into one report?

Absolutely. The Dashboard makes it easy to customize which data to include in reports, what format they will take, and how often you will receive them.

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.