What are Super Affiliate strategies for paid search?

Super Affiliates, or preferred publishers, are publishers who you have granted special rights and privileges.  Examples include:

  • Brand-bidding permission on paid search
  • Unique coupon codes that only the publisher can use
  • Bonus commissions for hitting certain goals and numbers

You can utilize your super affiliates for paid search to assist you in protecting your branded keywords against unwanted competition.  If you have competitors bidding on your branded keywords, and you have not been successful with search engine take-downs, then your next option is to get your affiliates to share the paid search pages with you.  You can grant your super affiliates permission to  brand bid on specific keywords.

Your strategy must also include rank restrictions and possibly CPC restrictions so that the super affiliate is not able to out-rank you.  This strategy will enable you to own more paid search listings, and to drive CPCs downward instead of upward.  You can read more about this on Search Engine Land.

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