Monitor Google’s Hotel Results For Compliance

The new service lets hotel advertisers monitor Google's new hotel listings module, including hotel rates for price parity compliance

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We now provide hotel owners and online travel agencies (OTAs) with insights on Google’s hotel listings module globally, including:

  • Hotel room rates
  • Listing copy, including rates & offers
  • Advertiser share-of-voice
  • Average ad rank

The data can be filtered for specific geo-targeted keywords, (e.g., Miami hotels), brands, locations, and even star ratings (e.g., only 3-star properties).

How Advertisers Can Use The Data

  • Get much-needed visibility into Google’s new hotel listing module.
  • Verify price parity for the same property across different sellers’ websites. Price parity is a requirement of many operator-OTA relationships but is often broken due the difficulties in monitoring thousands of constantly changing room rates.
  • Identify opportunities to gain market share in hotel ads.

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