Monitor shopping ads and Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

Get competitive insights on sellers and products

  • Monitor PLAs, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay & more, with one tool
  • Upload product keywords or access our library to see data & gain insights
  • Get ad copy, SOV, landing pages, prices, seller details & more
  • Identify MAP violations and unauthorized resellers and take action
  • Compare the reach of each seller and learn which ones to incentivize

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Sample Shopping Data: PLA Share-of-voice

The Search Monitor - Oakley MAP pricing compliance

Sample Shopping Data: MAP Compliance

Why trust us to monitor shopping ads? Since 2008, The Search Monitor has helped advertisers monitor online ads for competitive performance. The Search Monitor’s ad intelligence platform crawls 1.7 millions ads every hour and can automatically alert you to competitive activity on your brand or industry.

The Search Monitor also monitors for compliance, including trademarks, affiliates, web content (e.g., landing pages and blogs), MAP, and hotel ads.