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New Release: Ad Armor Enhancements

New Releases
We’re delighted to unveil NEW enhancements to Ad Armor.

Ad Armor is the most powerful tool in your SEM toolbox. It is engineered to free up ad dollars by safely diverting traffic from expensive paid text ads to more efficient listings, like free organic listings or lower-cost PLAs, without sacrificing traffic or conversions. Ad Armor pauses ads on search queries with low-paid search competition and strong page presence on other SEM assets like SEO, PLA, VLA, or hotel listing blocks.

New features in this release include:

1. Projects: This new release includes the ability to organize keywords into projects. Projects allow users to assign competitive risk variances to sets of keywords to be more conservative with money savings on some keywords while aggressively reducing spend on others. Projects will enable users to treat keywords like a financial portfolio by wielding more control over the powerful levers of Ad Armor.

2. More Competitor Thresholds: Ad Armor already evaluates all paid search competitors. Now, users can assign threat thresholds based on various competitor types. These include affiliates, partners, internal business units, high-stakes competitors, and irrelevant competition. This allows for more sensitive pause/unpause decisions on paid search ads.

3. Ad Prioritization Enhancements: Ad Armor’s goal to drive traffic to your best traffic sources has been expanded beyond just SEO. With this release, Ad Armor’s Ad Prioritization features have been enhanced to analyze your website’s visibility across all SERP assets, including PLA, VLA, and Hotel blocks, based on page rank and page share settings you control.

Ready to revolutionize your paid search strategy and maximize your marketing budget?

PowerUp your SEM marketing using Ad Armor and our Brand Protection tools to reduce competitive threats, including affiliates and competition. Using Brand Protection alone will save up to 60% of your ad spend on brand and brand-plus keywords. Couple that with Ad Armor’s pause/unpause features for an additional 20 – 40% savings!

Next Steps

  • Existing Customers: Please contact your dedicated account manager for a personalized upgrade plan. We value your partnership and are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.
  • New Customers: Please contact our sales team to schedule a demo.