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Finally, enterprise-level ad monitoring data available for every business!


You’ve heard about ‘garbage-in-garbage-out’. Here’s why our data is the most precise in the business:

  • Multiple Engines: We monitor paid ads and organic listings on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), video websites (YouTube), mobile search (Google, Yahoo), and comparison shopping engines (Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, ShopZilla).
  • Industry Detail: Our data is available for more than 1,200 verticals. See full list.
  • Custom Benchmarks: All data are stored so they can be easily combined into any customized benchmark.
  • High Frequency: We crawl search engines and websites as often as hourly in some cases, so you don’t have to.
  • Global Footprint:  Our technology monitors major search engines in every country, including Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia. Ask us if you want a more niche engine monitored.
  • Native Languages: We capture data in more than 100 native languages. See full list.
  • Geo-targeting:  We can parse our monitoring data by any country, state, metro area, and city.
  • Weekly Engine Updates: We change our crawling technology weekly to adjust for the frequent, random, and often unexplained changes made by the search engines to how they serve ads. These critical changes ensure they will not block us, like they can do with other providers.
  • Affiliate De-cloaking Technology: We utilize a proprietary de-cloaking technology to identify affiliates who are hiding their identity via evasion tactics like redirecting traffic from bots. We also crawl using thousands of different IP addresses and random day-parts to further avoid detection by website owners.
  • Advanced Algorithms: For the few metrics we estimate from captured data, our calculations use advanced formulas perfected since 2007 and constantly validated with actual client data.
  • No-Impact Crawling: We use a no-impact crawling method so that search engines can safely identify and filter out our visits, impressions, and clicks from reports and bidding algorithms. We maintain strong relationships with the engines.
  • Reliable Hosting: Our data will be there when you need it. It comes from a highly scalable, robustly managed cloud architecture. We do not place any burden on our client’s infrastructure.

Give us 1 to 1 million keywords, and we’ll provide metrics such as: 

  • Number of advertisers and ad variations
  • Full ad copy (current and historical), including special offers (for retail)
  • Display URL, pass-through URLs (e.g., for affiliates), and Destination URL
  • Affiliate ID, which is used to learn their networks and the other merchants they sell for
  • Instances of URL hijacking (and associated Threat Level)
  • Instances of trademark bidding
  • Instances of rank violations
  • Ad or organic listing rank and position
  • Market visibility score
  • Product Listing Ad (PLA) information: position, items displayed, images, prices
  • Shopping engine information, such as full Seller details
  • Screenshots of display ads appearing on thousands of websites and inside mobile apps!


Why trust us for

precision data

Since 2008, The Search Monitor has helped manufacturers monitor online ads for compliance violations. The Search Monitor’s ad intelligence platform crawls 1.7 millions ads every hour for your specific SKUs, websites, and pricing rules and can automatically alert you to violations and unauthorized resellers.

The Search Monitor also monitors affiliates, trademarks, content (e.g., landing pages and blogs), and hotel ads, and provides competitive ad insights such as market share, ad rank/copy, PPC clicks/spend & Google Shopping.