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Category: Retail

Shopping Benchmarks Survey: Industry Expertise is Requested

The Search Monitor is conducting a survey to aggregate KPI Trends for shopping campaigns.

Competitive shopping KPI’s are elusive. Shopping engines don’t publish any directional stats, and few research papers have been published on this topic. Therefore, benchmarking and goal setting for shopping campaigns is challenging.

Why You Should Use SERP Data To Fine Tune Digital Ad Campaigns – A Series by The Search Monitor

This post was written by Michele Reina

Most digital marketers rely heavily on Google Analytics to measure the success of their AdWords campaigns. But are they really getting the whole picture? In this series, we are looking at how digital marketers can use The Search Monitor to get a more complete picture of how their digital marketing efforts are working, and gather valuable competitive intelligence to help improve their strategies.

5 Rules To Improve Your Affiliate Program

This post was written by James Pancamo.

Affiliate marketing works by companies contracting with an influential site or person that agrees to promote the company’s products or services. When a product is sold on the company site through the affiliate’s link, the affiliate receives a portion of the sale as commission.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Ad Spend For Office Supply Retailers

This post was written by Michele Reina.

NOTE: To see the data charts for the stats below, please send an email to

Consumer Behavior to Search Spend

This post is written by our Director of Global Accounts, Brian Buroker.

With changes in consumer behavior, so goes the search spend dollars. iProspect recently noted some of these behavioral changes in the UK in this document.

Google Trademark Policy Best Practices

Trademark use and misuse. If you are lucky enough to have a brand worth protecting, competitors are going to (or attempt to) use your trademarks in their Google Ads.

So if it is inevitable, why bother trying to defend against Google AdWords trademark infringement? There are several benefits to protecting your trademarks on Google.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Advertising For Meal Kit Delivery Companies

This post was written by Michele Reina.

I have been a consumer of meal kit deliveries for about 3 years. About 3 weeks ago, I started noticing changes to my orders, reduced menu item choices, and the inability to reschedule skipped weeks.

The Search Monitor Set To Add, and Search Listings

The Search Monitor plans to add more marketplaces to its shopping monitoring platform including, and The Search Monitor currently offers the feature for and is excited to open additional shopping engines for its clients.

This exciting technology gives advertisers unprecedented access to the data they need to compete effectively in these online marketplaces.

9 New Year’s Resolutions for Search Marketers

As the new year quickly approaches, have you thought about the resolutions you should make when it comes to your online advertising? We have.

Here is a list to inspire you to make your 2020 resolutions. We would love to hear your resolutions and work with you to achieve them in 2020.

Cyber Monday SERP Share Results—We LOVE Data™

Did you survive Cyber Monday? Since Cyber Monday now stretches for at least a week, we looked at how three big retailers fared when it comes to SERP Share over the past week compared to Cyber Monday in 2018. We looked at the keyword “Cyber Monday Deals” across Google & Bing for the week leading up to Cyber Monday both years.

We LOVE Data™ is a research series published by The Search Monitor to provide industry insights for online advertising activity on search engines and other online marketing channels.

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