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Drive better marketing results with enterprise-level precision.

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  • Monitored Media:  SEM (PPC and PLA ads), SEO, Shopping Engines, & Display Ads on Mobile & Desktop
  • Vast Footprint: Worldwide, 9+ search engines, 150,000+ publishers, & thousands of mobile apps. See list
  • Frequent Monitoring & Alerts:  Hourly crawling & real-time report updates
  • Data Access:  Web reports, excel export, excel plugin, API, or FTP.  Schedule reports & email them to anyone!
  • Search Marketing Visibility Score: Industry’s first holistic view of a company’s search presence. Learn More


One platform provides competitive monitoring intelligence on Paid & Organic Search, Shopping, & Display:

  • Paid Search: See KPIs such as market share, rank, ad spend, clicks, CTR, & CPC across all search engines. Includes remarketing
  • Organic Search:  Get rank and listing copy for universal search results including local, organic, news, shopping, and more.
  • Shopping:  View competitors, seller ratings & reviews, keywords, prices, page rank, and SOV, for both PLAs and shopping engines.
  • Display & In-App Mobile:  Find out where competitors’ ads are running, top-performing creatives, and publisher performance with Display Monitoring.
  • Paid, Organic & PLA Together:  Analyze performance across paid, organic, and PLA shopping search results in the same report.
  • Compliance & Ad Intelligence Together:  Get ad intelligence and compliance monitoring together in one platform!
  • Search Marketing Visibility Score: Grade your total-page search presence & get insights into where to spend next dollar.


Get benchmarking stats to gauge your competitive performance:

  • Share of Voice:  See how you compare against other advertisers and trend your SOV over time.
  • Ad Creatives:  Learn from our database of ad copy that is ranked by popularity and searchable by keywords and brand names.
  • Market Landscape:  Uncover all competitors in the market landscape, ranked by market reach and SOV across media.
  • Ad Spend, CTR, & Clicks: Make better decisions using precise paid search statistics.  Learn more.

Business Development & Sales Tool

Get smarter about prospecting using competitive monitoring:

  • Prospecting: Find prospects specific to the verticals that you service who are the best size for your business.
  • Lead Scoring:  Use competitive intelligence to score and rank your leads by ad spend, traffic volume & media channels used.
  • Vendor & Partner Identification:  Learn which ad tracking vendors and affiliate programs your prospects already use.  Track and get notified when vendors are switched or trialed in real time.
  • Presentations:  Create pitch decks that include the actual tactics used by your prospects and comparisons against competitors and your own proven track record.
  • Search Remarketing: Contact people using Google’s RLSA


Uncover answers with unprecedented visibility into the behavior of the market landscape. Use this knowledge to hone your media strategy.

Find out answers like:

  • Why Did My CPC Increase?   Find out if market changes impacted your cost per click.
  • Which Offer Types & Creatives Are Most Popular?   Uncover competitors’ offers and creatives, sorted by the most effective.
  • How Do I Compare Against Similar Advertisers?  Index yourself against others like you (e.g., similar size, industry).
  • Which Affiliates & Partners Compete with Me?  See which of your affiliates are stealing clicks from you.
  • Which Affiliates & Partners Help Me?  Learn which affiliates are symbiotic with you (e.g., help you cover more keywords and block out competitors.)  Learn about Super Affiliate strategies.
  • Where Do My Competitors Advertise?  See which media outlets, verticals, and keywords your competitors use. Dive deeper into how spending, traffic, and SOV is allocated across paid & organicsearch, shopping, & display.


Lighthouse Logo  is a vertical library of historical paid & organic search data.

Key ad tracking features include:

  • 1,200+ Verticals:  View paid & organic search data grouped by vertical.  See full list of verticals.
  • Spend & Click Metrics:  Get paid search statistics for Google and Bing on ad spend, CPC, clicks & CTR.
  • Vertical Indexes:  Develop indexes across verticals of top advertisers to benchmark market reach, spend, clicks, & CPC.
  • Historical Data:  Get historical data starting in July 2013.
  • Ad Spend Accuracy.  Lighthouse ad spend data is a highly precise predictor of ad spend.  Stats are computed using a mixture of real-time monitored data, click data, and search engine computations.  Learn about our precision data.

Learn more about industry ad tracking by visiting the What is Lighthouse?’ FAQ.


We optimize intelligence & compliance using our SmartCrawler™ technology which adapts to the market as it evolves:

  • Randomized Crawling:  Crawl the competition using random times, keywords, and geographies.
  • Geo-Control:  Configure crawlers to focus on specific countries, languages, regions and/or cities. Geo-control is important if your business has a local focus like telecom or travel.
  • Vast Footprint:  Monitor worldwide and in native languages across 9+ search engines, 150K publishers, & thousands of apps.
  • Volume Capabilities:  Ad tracking available from one to 1 million keywords.
  • High Frequency:  Monitor hourly, with real-time report updates.  Learn about our precision data.
  • Auto-ID Affiliates:  Automatically detect the affiliate networks and IDs of each partner and determine who is in your affiliate program.
  • Custom Reporting:  Customize reports on the fly to meet your needs at any given moment.
  • Competitor Labels:  Group and label unlimited competitors or partners for easy filtering and comparing.
  • Report Access:  Easily access data via web reports & charts, API, excel export, scheduled email alerts, FTP, or excel query plug-in.


Give us a set of keywords, a competitor’s website, or one of our 1,239 verticals, we’ll show what we monitor.

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We’re here for you when you need help with the tools or data:

We’re here for you when you need help with the tools or data:

  • Take advantage of set-up resources when you first begin
  • Access our Ad Tracking Help Center including how-to videos, FAQs, and other training materials
  • Contact us via phone, email or live chat
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