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What is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse Logo  gives you detailed click and spend data by vertical!

It provides historical paid search, organic search, and PLA statistics organized into vertical categories like Lodging, Apparel, Hobbies, Finance, etc.  Clients receive insight into unlimited competitors across 1,200+ verticals across millions of keywords for Google and Bing.

Can you tell me the keywords my competitors are using?

Yes. If your competitors are using keywords that you have loaded into your campaign manager, we will identify them.

However, we do not have visibility into your competitor’s Google Ad Words account or Bing Ad Center Account.

What types of competitive intelligence reports are available for agencies?

The Search Monitor specializes in providing competitive intelligence for agencies. Below are a few of the reports our agency clients find most helpful.

  • Paid Ad Monitoring (Learn More)
    • Rank Report
    • Market Share Report
    • Ad Copy Report
    • Keyword Report
    • Special Offers Report
  • Organic Listing Monitoring (Learn More)
    • Listing Report
    • Rank Report
  • Shopping Monitoring (Learn More)
    • Seller Report
    • Item Detail Report
    • PLA Report
  • Display & Mobile Ad Monitoring (Learn More)

All reports can be scheduled to be sent to you or anyone else. Many of our agency clients have PPC competitive analysis automatically emailed monthly for their clients. Others receive weekly Market Share reports for their clients’ Hot Competitors. We can show you how to set up these automatic reports.

Do you have any competitive tools for an agency’s business development?

Yes. Our main competitive product (Lighthouse) makes it easy to identify new ‘good-fit’ clients for an agency.

Let’s say you are the Business Development lead for your agency and need to identify 50 prospects that are a good fit for your business.

Can my agency have multiple clients set up within one package?

Yes. You can easily spread out your purchased keyword group across multiple clients in one account.

How is your monitoring tool designed to help agencies?

Since we started the company in 2008, our goal was a monitoring tool designed to meet the needs of the leading advertising agencies.

Below are a few features engineered for agencies to help grow both their clients’ businesses, and their own.

How does geo-targeted ad monitoring work?

All of our packages come with the ability to geo-target search engine monitoring by ZIP, city, state, region, and country in every location. This includes global search engines such as Google, Bing, & Yahoo and local ones such as Baidu, Yandex, and Naver.

Why You Must Geo-Target Your Ad Monitoring

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